Inked comic pages

The first six pages of my comic, inked. Color will soon follow. Not too sure it makes much sense without the text.

new old stuff

More old artwork I found. An assignment from Comics 1, and a sketch that Monico colored.

Hipster Ninjas

A hipster ninja and his token, Asian girlfriend.

Digital Illustration Final

Did this one using Painter also. It's the first in a series of three illustrations, each featuring a different woman in front of a a mechanical animal. The characters are for another comic book I'm developing.

I've got the other two sketched out already, but haven't gotten around to painting them yet. Hope to do that soon-ish. I think the three final pieces will look cool when viewed together, as they were intended.

Digital Illustration Book Cover

The first piece I did using Painter. It's alright. It's also my first illustration featuring the characters of the comic book I'm working on, so that was exciting.

I was having trouble calculating all the shadows, so I sculpted a little model for reference:

Then a tight, final pencil drawing:

and the final painted illustration was done in Painter.

Leda and the Swan

An old sketchbook page I found, painted with a little kiddie watercolor set.

Some quick life sketches

An old painting.

Ink and Brush doodles

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