New illustrations

I've just finished painting six posters for the SF Olympians Festival, a twelve-night festival of  plays inspired by Greek deities. Here are the pieces, accompanied by the brief summaries I based the images upon.


In this tale of two Icaruses-one mythical, on actual-the sky is (quite literally) the limit. Written by Jeremy Cole.


A cease fire holds, but only nearly, between heaven and hell. Hesperus and Phosphorus, representatives of the God and the Devil sit across from each other and discuss the neutral zone between good and evil. One wrong word could bring an end to the cease fire. Written by Claire Rice.


Tortured by talent, the reality of time passing, and the need to be forever remembered, steer this story of Phaeton; a one act about a boy trying to find his place among the stars. Written by Ashley Cowan.


A love triangle and sibling rivalry lurk the halls of a 1920's British university with dangerous results, in a story of unrequited love, taboo homosexuality, scheming and revenge. Written by Neil Higgins.


You’re a god that lives on Venus, a scientist. You’re banished to Venus and confined your lab. And the one thing that gets you, that incessantly tweaks your dental nerves, is that the damn plant won’t grow.
But it’s not a plant, it’s a whole planet.
Written by Sean Kelly


In Hard Pack, the rivalry between partners of a snowplow dealership in the snowy Northeast reaches epic proportions. Written by Lise Catherine Miller.